Eurostat 2023 (except Kosovo from 2021)
World Development Indicators 2022
E-commerce Report 2022 (except Moldova with information from 2020)

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North Macedonia

Population 2057680
Population ages 16-64 13992.22
Internet use 85.3%
Internet shoppers 53.5%
Currency Macedonian denar
GDP per capita, PPP 21304.5


Population 2777690
Population ages 16-64 1861052
Internet use 83.1%
Internet shoppers 38.5%
Currency Albanian lek
GDP per capita, PPP 19496.20


Population 6664450
Population ages 16-64 43318.93
Internet use 85.36%
Internet shoppers 64.18%
Currency Serbian dinar
GDP per capita, PPP 25061.9


Population 1761980
Population ages 16-64 11981.46
Internet use 90%
Internet shoppers 51%
Currency European euro
GDP per capita, PPP 14971.20

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Population 3233530
Population ages 16-64 21664.65
Internet use 83.38%
Internet shoppers 41.31%
Currency Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
GDP per capita, PPP 20950.20


Population 2538890
Population ages 16-64 17264.45
Internet use 76%
Internet shoppers 34%
Currency Moldovan leu
GDP per capita, PPP 15719


Population 617210
Population ages 16-64 4011.87
Internet use 88.36%
Internet shoppers 32.13%
Currency European euro
GDP per capita, PPP 28324.6

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